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About CS193p

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Stanford's CS193p course, Developing Applications for iOS, explains the fundamentals of how to build applications for iPhone and iPad using SwiftUI.

On this site, you will be able to find materials that were distributed to Stanford students during the most recent quarter such as homework assignment write-ups and demo code.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer any of the same kind of direct support we gave our students back then (on-line Q&A and office hours with teaching staff, homework grading, etc.), but the materials posted here should still be helpful in understanding the lectures as you watch the screen captures.  As we emphasize to our students, doing the homework assignments is absolutely essential to learning the material in this course.

It may well be that by the time you are watching this, some of the course's content will already be out of date as updates to SwiftUI occur each year, requiring some adjustment as you watch.  That is normal for any advancing technology.

The material in this course was not developed with the involvement of, nor was it vetted by, anyone at Apple, so it should not be perceived as "the truth" for how to develop using SwiftUI.  We've done our best to understand this technology ourselves from the outside and then share what we've learned.  Enjoy!

The content you see here is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

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